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Detect burglary or intrusion when system is armed

safety-panel-gc3 copy
Touchscreen control panel

The "brain" controls security and smart home functions

safety-sensor-door-window copy
Door/window sensors

Your first line of defense against potential intruders

safety-sensor-motion copy
Motion sensors

They ignore your pets but detect other movement

safety-sensor-image copy
Image sensors

They detect movement and also provide a still image

safety-sensor-glassbreak copy
Glassbreak sensors

Help deter "smash and grab" via glass windows/doors

safety-key-fob copy

Arm or disarm your system from up to 50 feet away

Life Safety

Identify threats when your system is armed or disarmed

safety-smoke-detector copy
Smoke/fire detectors

Early warning plays a critical role in your safety

safety-carbon-monoxide-detectors copy
Carbon monoxide detectors

Protect yourself against odorless, colorless danger

safety-medical-alert copy
Medical alert pendants

They send a medical emergency signal when pressed

Smart Home

Use your phone to control the latest high-tech devices

smart-indoor-camera copy
Indoor cameras

View live or recorded footage from inside the home

smart-outdoor-camera copy
Outdoor cameras

Use your smartphone to see what’s happening outside

smart-doorbell-camera copy
Doorbell cameras

See/listen/speak to anyone whether you’re at home or away


Manage heating and cooling, or control it with a schedule

smart-lock-exterior copy smart-lock-interior copy
Door locks

Lock/unlock them remotely, or create special access codes


Any time of day, a well-lit home is a barrier for burglars

Video and doorbell cameras require a minimum Wi-Fi upload speed of at least 1.5 mbps (2 mpbs recommended). Go to speedtest.net to determine whether your wireless connection speed is adequate.


Detect major changes in heating, cooling, or flooding

Water sensors

Detect leaks or flooding in your home or business

Temperature sensors

Be alerted when items reach unsafe temperature levels

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